Oh what a class

Today I gave a class to my friends who’ve spent a night out. So I designed (with a bit help of Google of course) a nice sequence with some twists, relaxing and activating poses and finetuned it during the class.

I’m very greatful to these ladies -and the confidence they have in me- because actually they already teach me how to teach before I even started with my teacher training. What works, what works less, sequencing and timing. I’ve got to work on more telling instead of showing and knowing the real names of all the poses. Grazie mille !

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YepYoga is born

(by Marat Zaripov) (Photo by Marat Zaripov)

Because I like social media and personal branding, I had to find a name for my online yoga-presence just I’ve did with CrazyWaiter.  Not an easy task because it had to be not too esoteric (no sankriet) and without any reference to existing persons (ReneYoga was too egocentric) or places etc. Then I suddenly found it. Why not using the prefix Yep, which I already use for my first site I’ve ever had with checklists YepCheck and the weblogs Yeplog (15 years old!) and YepFoto.

It’s short, catchy and international. I already started a group YepYoga Roma for my group of friends on the campsite where I work, but imagine YepYoga Bangkok, YepYoga Bali, YepYoga Amsterdam etc etc. (being a yoga- and digital nomad is a secret dream).

The group is closed (for the moment only for friends and collegues, also because I’m not certified yet), but you’re very welcome to like YepYoga at facebook !

Slowflow Sunday

Today I did with my yogafriends a very nice slowflow. After a intensive Vinyasa-like flow before yesterday, we took our rest on this sunday, with the philosophy of Samuela of Ryoga in mind. She told that the body has to be calm and comfortable to ease the mind since they are united.

The flow of today (every pose is to be held 1 to 5 minutes)

  • Child
  • Melting heart
  • Thread the needle on the knees (L+R)
  • Sphinx
  • Sitting forward fold
  • Butterfly
  • Dragonfly
  • Half dragonfly (L+R)
  • Square (L+R)
  • Yogic Squat
  • Comfortable sitting position (*)
  • Lying butterfly
  • Pigeon pose
  • Dragon pose
  • Child pose (*)
  • Happy baby
  • Thread the needle – lying
  • Lying twist
  • Savasana

(*) transition pose – most poses can be seen here

Yoga in Rome

IMG_6360One month ago I moved to Rome, Italy to work at an Infpoint of a Camping and I’m doing yoga whenever possibile with my workschedule at Ryoga. They have three locations, one near metro Republica or Termini and one in the heart of Trastevere. The new one is in Prati. In fact it’s the one of the few places in Rome where they have a lot of different classes (from Ashtanga to Yin with Hot Yoga, Hatha, Meditation, Restorative, and Vinyasa in between) AND walk-in possibilities. (€20 euro for a lesson, but they have a lot of packages to make it a bit more affordable). They use the MindBodyOnline software and application so it’s easy to inscribe yourself to a class.

Ryoga has also a good balance between spiritual and sportive (in the studios in Rome often this balancing is missing whether to one side whether to the other one), nice interiour, changing rooms and showers, Manduka Pro mats (I’ll definitely buy one in the future!) and last but certainly not least great teachers 🙂 I think I will spend a lot of time here these 5 months to prepare for my teacher training in November !


To see the adresses of these and other studios in Rome, click on the map or here (partly thanks to the May 2016 issue of Romeing)

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