Just arrived at the Yoga Teacher Training

After a journey of 24 hours traveling and waiting I arrived at the Ashram of Samyak Yoga where I start the RYT-200 for Hatha Yoga tomorrow. From the hostel to Schiphol (Amsterdam) to Abu Dabhi, having a layover there of one hour, to Muscat, waiting 4 hours over there (of course practiced at the airport), to Bangalore, finished with a car drive of 4 hours.

If you think Napels (Italy) is crazy, think again. Everybody uses the claxon, passing left and right, four cars in a lane when there’s place for three, people walking along the highway etc. etc. But I had a very skillful driver and I think two third of the time I’ve slept…

But I arrived safe and well. Some introduction formalities and then a relax. Getting to know the other students (a lot of Frenchies, Mr. Destiny doesn’t want me to forget the language of Molière apperently) Having lunch, walking to the river close to the ashram, having diner and for the rest il dolce far niente. Tomorrow we start at 7h30 with a self practice and at 17h the openings ceremony!

Chi phresh yoga mat

Remember the twister game? Hand on green, foot on blue? Maybe this has been the inspiration for the Chi Phresh Yoga Mat. It is printed with playful iconic symbols that are a “map” to guide Yoga positions and comes  a double sided “how-to” poster of poses. Also available are playcards and an app. To see it alive check this video.
I think it’s a very cool system, something you would have liked to  invent yourself 🙂


Also available on Amazon.com

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