Yoga for better sleep

Some poses to sleep better 🙂 What also helps is the 4-7-8 method: inhale for four counts, hold for seven counts and exhale for eight counts while pressing your tongue against the roof of your mouth, right behind your top front teeth.

Yoga for backpain

One of the most asked questions is “I have backpain, which poses do I have to do”. I did some research and this sequence came up. Do the poses slow and mindful. As always, listen to your body! Click on the sequence to open as PDF Essential points in this …


Tummee added a new section with partner poses, so I am happy to share a nice sequence to do with your friend, child or lover! Click on the sequence to get the PDF version!

Everything about the mala

Often I wear my mala. It is one made of sandalwood beads bought at the Wat Suan Dok in Chiang Mai (in the office of the monk chat and silence retreats is a corner with mala’s). It has 108 beads and I exchanged some beads with colored ones and bigger …