A very old book about Yoga, the yoga pradipika, states that a yogi should live in a hut far away from other people without windows and furniture and has to do all day long yoga. Asana’s, breathing exercises, meditation etc.

Nowadays some people doing some yoga in front of the computer with a YouTube video of Tara Stiles. Or they go once a week to the yoga class. Some people say that this has nothing to do with yoga because it’s only stretching. Nevertheless millions of people benefit from it on physical and mental side.

A lot of people will live more consciously for them self as well for the world around them. Some people get inspired and going to try to do more like breathing exercises and meditation. For example speaking for myself, I stopped eating meat and I think doing yoga has caused this process.

It’s like at the high school. One teacher said to me:”If only one student out of two, three classes is going to university and studying my domain, I have done a good job.” I don’t think that the teacher of my first yoga class would ever think that I’m in India now, doing a yoga teacher training. And who knows one of my fellow students will end up in a lonely hut or become a famous yoga star on the internet. A large width creates a pyramid with  some ‘stars’ at the top.It works also the other way round. Some stars attract people for a large base.

There is also a lot of discussion about the Instagram generation. Seeing flexible, slim, blond girls doing poses on the beach has nothing to do with yoga. But for other people they can be an inspiration. For example Kino MacGregor post regularly yoga assignments in which she makes you think. Comparing yourself and your body with such photos of yoga stars is like comparing yourself to Usain Bolt or Dafne Schippers. You don’t have to be able to run 100 meter in or around less than 10 seconds to enjoy running.

So what would be the real yoga? No doubt the lonely yogi in his hut. But the real question is what is the right yoga? That is the form of yoga which fits best to you, your body, your situation etc. And who knows what will follow after….

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