How is it possible not to have a guide for the town where I have lived for many years? Here are the schools with various classes per day, interesting places and my favorite addresses !

Yoga schools

  • Bikram yoga Arnhem – where it all began. Hot Yoga according to the Bikram method, two breathing exercises and 26 asanas
  • Rocket Yoga Arnhem – nice school with various types of yoga of which ashtanga
  • Yoga house – various classes near Velperpoort (next to Caspar)
  • Yoga Point – various classes in the centre (Looierstraat)
  • Home of zen – Yoga and other courses at the Velperweg
  • Yoga campus Arnhem – center near Spijkerkwartier (Statenlaan)
  • Indoor action – gym offering (hot) yoga
  • Anna Yoga – yoga in the Spijkerkwartier, no walk in, except on Sunday
  • Yoga unversalis – at this school you get a card with your own asana’s to practice
  • Yogastudio Arnhem – Iyengar yoga by Mary Bruggeman
  • Centrum Yes – Yoga en Mindfullnes in Schaarsbergen

Teachers (mostly not teaching in the studios above)



  • Yoga articles
    • Be Bloom – yogamats of Bodhi ( Asana) and other props/accessories of Yogitri and Flowee
    • La Colombe – Very nice shop with yogamats of Lotus Design (good quality), books, CD’s and other spiritual articles.
    • Decathlon – wide range of products but the mats don’t have a good price/quality ratio. The other articles do.
    • Othala – Attention: Not in Arnhem, but in Nijmegen. With a great range of articles
  • Food
    • Mimint – healthy stuff and ecological food supermarket
    • Eko Plaza ecological supermarket in Looierstraat
    • Estafette – ecological supermarket in Spijkerkwartier
  • Gift shop, buddha statues, fun stuff etc.


Cafe’s / coffee

  • Brew2cup – the best third wave coffee of Arnhem

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