Why I stopped eating meat

Until two years ago, I ate meat and fish. Bread with mortadella for breakfast and lunch and animal proteins for dinner like most of the people

At a certain moments I doubted but still ate it because I didn’t know how to replace it. In my education a meal consisted of pasta/rice/potatoes with vegetables and meat.

But  on the 30th of December 2015 I was standing in the supermarket with a package of Mortadella in my hand and suddenly a little voice said “WTF are you doing” I’ve put it back in the shelve and stopped eating meat.

Why did I stop?

Easy answer: It’s sad for the animals

The first seed is planted by this video. Little Luis explains it very well in this video:”We have to take care for them, not eat them”. Also the way they are treated at the farms and the butchers doesn’t make me very happy.

A little less easy answer: Why would I eat something i couldnt kill myself

Just before I decided to  stop eating, I saw a trailer of the movie “Vleesverlangen” (Desire for meat),  a Dutch movie where Marijn Frank is looking for the answer why she loves meat so much (here is the complete movie, unfortunately only in Dutch). This trailer alone was already enough to make a deep impression. The screenshot below is taken at the moment just before a cow is shot and shows everything. It made me realize that also I can’t even look at it neither, let alone do it myself.

Still from the movie Vleesverlangen (desire for meat)

The most difficult answer: we are all one

Everything has a consciousness and maybe we are all divine beings and connected to each other because we are all from the same source,  the universal and pure consciousness. When you would have said a year ago that I would write it now, I’d declare you for crazy, but the yoga teacher training made me aware of this of this thought and feeling.

Like my friend L. said:”The way of Yoga, the way of being your True Self will make You an empath towards all lviing beings. We are all One! ”

Also taken taken in account in this aspect is also the care for the environment and the impact on the world of breeding meat. Eating meat takes a lot of resources of the world.

Other factors

The decision was made in one second but not totally spontaneous. It has been a long time in the corner of my mind that it’s “bad” to eat meat, but the desire and lack of knowledge made me do it. But because of the yoga, you’re more conscious of your role, start to live more healtier and get to know ahimsa, non violence. Also due to the yoga I became more stronger to follow my own heart and stand up for my own opinion (I care less about the question “What would others think?”)

And now

In fact there are three options: one day I will eat meat again, who knows. Only the person who doesn’t think and evoluate doesn’t change his mind. The other option is that I become vegan, so I skip also cheese and eggs. I don’t see it happen because I like it too much and don’t know how to replace it (especially cheese on bread), but hey I used that as arguments a long time also for meat. Most chanceful is that I continue like this in the future. No meat and skipping a bit more eggs and cheese.

Not to forget that I respect the opinion of choices of others. So my room mate is still eating meat and I’m totally okay with it, occasionaly I even prepare it for him. I can show others my way, but everybody his own path in life…

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Thanks you, anonymous lady in the ricefield

This anonymous lady in the ricefield opened a world for me…

When I was young we used to live in a rural area surrounded by a lot of farmers. We even had some baby pigs in our house who couldn’t stay with their mother. But until now I never realized all the effort mad to put my food on the table.

As kid I never understood why people prayed before eating. “But mom, you bought it in the supermarket and not God”. Still I don’t believe in the classical God, but I become more and more aware of the Universal Energy.

Now I’m here I South East Asia and see a lot of people working very hard for our food under difficult circumstances. The rice I see in the supermarket once has been yielded on a beautiful green rice field far away by people working their ass off literally in the mud.

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On my mat I’ve learned

I’ve learned so much on my mat. In the yogaclasses of Bikram Yoga Arnhem, Affordable Yoga Paris, RYoga Rome. At my yoga teacher training with Samyak Yoga in Mysore, Inda. During my self practice at home, in hotels and outside in parks.

Of course I’ve learned about how to move my body into a posture. How to hold it. Steady and comfortable as it should be but also sometimes unsteady and uncomfortable. I have learned how to teach, to adjust, to assist.

There is so much more to learn.. but until now….

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50 shades of yoga

A very old book about Yoga, the yoga pradipika, states that a yogi should live in a hut far away from other people without windows and furniture and has to do all day long yoga. Asana’s, breathing exercises, meditation etc.

Nowadays some people doing some yoga in front of the computer with a YouTube video of Tara Stiles. Or they go once a week to the yoga class. Some people say that this has nothing to do with yoga because it’s only stretching. Nevertheless millions of people benefit from it on physical and mental side.

A lot of people will live more consciously for them self as well for the world around them. Some people get inspired and going to try to do more like breathing exercises and meditation. For example speaking for myself, I stopped eating meat and I think doing yoga has caused this process.

It’s like at the high school. One teacher said to me:”If only one student out of two, three classes is going to university and studying my domain, I have done a good job.” I don’t think that the teacher of my first yoga class would ever think that I’m in India now, doing a yoga teacher training. And who knows one of my fellow students will end up in a lonely hut or become a famous yogastar on the internet. A large width creates a pyramid with  some ‘stars’ at the top.It works also the other way round. Some stars attract people for a large base.

There is also a lot of discussion about the instagram generation. Seeing flexible, slim, blond girls doing poses on the beach has nothing to do with yoga. But for other people they can be an inspiration. For example Kino MacGregor post regularly yoga assignments in which she makes you think. Comparing yourself and your body with such photos of yogastars is like comparing yourself to Usain Bolt or Dafne Schippers. You don’t have to be able to run 100 meter in or around less than 10 seconds to enjoy running.

So what would be the real yoga? No doubt the lonely yogi in his hut. But the real question is what is the right yoga? That is the form of yoga which fits best to you, your body, your situation etc. And who knows what will follow after….

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