Funny names sequence

Just made a sequence with poses having funny names. Can also be used as base for kids yoga when the intermediate and advanced poses are left out.

Download as PDF

Yin poses

Yin yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga with postures, or asanas, that are held for longer periods of time—for beginners, it may range from 45 seconds to two minutes; more advanced practitioners may stay in one asana for five minutes or more (Wikipedia)

With the help of Tummee and the book of Noorloos I have made a reference sheet of the most common yin yoga poses on one A4.

Download as PDF: yin poses

Made with Tummee’s Yoga Sequence Builder.

Kids’ Yoga for Nam

Today I was in the park and little Nam (7 years) was very interested in all the (acro)yogi’s. When I asked him if he also wanted to do some yoga he shaked his head enthousiastically. Since we both didn’t understand each other, I taught with demonstrating, handsigns and humming. Who needs cues anyway 🙂

It’s a very abbreviated version of my introclass. The concentration span of kids is short, so I did a little number of poses. There are a lot of kid yoga classes with stories etc. but I just kept it simple this time.
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A class with a view

Today I did a private class with a friend of a collegue. We did it in the sun behind the campsite with a beautiful view on Rome and the St Peters basilic. Thanks M. to have the honour to be your teacher for your first real-life yoga session!

a class with a view

Click on the picture to see the sequence as PDF.

Fabulous Introclass

Today I was watching the rehearsels of our Fabulous animation team and a lady came to ask where the “Sun Salutations”-workshop was held. The people of the animation were at another place, but  I thought that it was cancelled, so I proposed to do a session for her, an offer she couldn’t refuse. She had never done yoga before, so I kept it calm and basic. On the fly I made this sequence. It was not the best place and circumstances but the lady was very happy and content.

introclass fabulous

International Yoga Day

Tuesday the 21th of June it will be International yoga day! Everywhere in the world will be held sessions, I will be found in Rome this year in the Auditorium Parco della Musica. (*)

They will all follow the Common Yoga Protocol written on this page, described in detail in this booklet and shown in this video.

In my neverending quest to make information more accessible I made a sheet with the protocol wich can be found here: common yoga protocol 2016. The asana’s only are pictured below.

Happy Yoga Day 🙂

common yoga protocol 2016 asanas

Yoga for the core

11201812_1205403246143572_3707342575064539143_nToday I designed a core sequence. Can be done in a dynamic way and with music. As always you can always rest in childpose in between. (*) are recoveryposes

  • Sun salutations
  • On feet
    • Chair
    • Warrior I
    • Warrior II / Flying warrior
    • Warrior III
  • On hands + feet
    • Downward dog
    • Downward dog three legged / threelegged with upperleg to side
    • Table top
    • Cat / cow
    • Table top / table top  arm + reverse leg up / Table top knee to elbow
    • Plank / Plank knee to elbow
    • Chaturanga Dadasana
    • Cobra (*)
  • On forearms + feet
    • Dolphin / Dolphin push up
    • Dolphin plank / 1 leg up / both feet to one side
  • On side
    • Side plank with dolphin arms
    • Side plank
  • Peak pose
    • Crow pose
    • Side crow
  • On butt
    • Boat pose (eg. 5 x 5 sec with a scale pose /  cross legged of stretched leg sitting lift up in between)
    • Boat pose knees to chest
    • Boat pose knee to reverse elbow
  • On belly
    • Sphinx
    • Cobra
    • Half Locust pose
    • Full Locust pose
  • On back
    • Crunches
    • Cicling in the air
    • Side crunches
    • (optional) Various poses like in this mini video
  • Resting
    • Wind removing pose (contracting every muscle in the body)
    • Savasana