YepYoga’s guide to Canggu

It’s almost over. But first six days in Canggu

  • Yogaschools ! Prices are for a drop-in class in INR, 100k = 100.000 rupiah (ca. $7,50 / € 7,00), most schools have cheaper multiple class passes)
    • Serenity – guesthouse with single and double rooms and dormbeds offering yoga. Huge population of yogi’s. (100k) – see my review
    • The Practice Bali – beautiful studio with a lot of bamboo offering a wide range of classes (130k)
    • Samadi Bali – 3 classes a day, a Sunday ecomarket and a wide range of extra activities. Also retreats, YTT’s etc. (130k)
    • Desa Seni – a luxery resort offering yoga (140k). If there’s a copy of heaven on earth, it might be Desa Seni (see here a nice blogpost with photos)
    • The chillhouse – surf, mountainbike.. and yoga – (120k)
    • theCangguStudio – fitness studio which offers a couple of yogaclasses per week.
    • Pranava yoga @ Matra guesthouse
    • Batu Bolong Beach  – at fridays acroyoga jams at Old Men`s Surfspot

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Intuitive flow – Ubud

In Ubud there are around ten yoga studios. Intuitive Flow is the smallest of the big three and has been recommended by one of my friends. Intuitive flow is founded by Linda Madani. Her lineage is yoga pranala (“a combination of asana, pranayama, meditation, mudra pranala (Balinese qi gong) and yoga nidra”), gentle with a clear spiritual side which can be seen in all the classes I have followed.

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Traveling, packing and spending money – what did I learn

I already talked about my lessons in the spirit,mind and heart while traveling. What did I learn about logistics and financial? Not really yoga related but still might be interesting for other and future yoga nomads


Packing too much: I’ve seen someone with one backpack of 25 l. She had met someone without luggage, with litterly only his passport in his pocket. Wow. If you want to know how, the Google search is no bag travelI couldn’t do that, my backpack (65 + 10) was 18 kg when flying to Ubud.

No, you dont need to take three tubes of Sensodyne toothpaste with you. You only need one in three months and they sell it in the Seven Eleven for even a cheaper price. You don’t need to take two extra in-case-of phones (+chargers, +cables) with you. Extra wallet. Hipwallet. Didn’t use it. Ducktape, tierips and other McGyver stuff… didn’t need it and everything can be bought. (Happy though with a rope and clips to hang my clothes on)

In a lot of countries in Asia it is not done to wear sleeveless shirts/tank tops. So they are mostly unused. Instead take white shirts of technical sportsmaterial (nylon, with little holes, like running shirts) with you (if you have a Decathlon around: buy them there for a couple of euros.)

Spending money

First rule: If I lunch cheap on a day, I can dinner more expensive. And vice versa. A cheap lunch was 35 bath for a plate of rice and vegetables. My average price was 80-100 bath for diner without alcohol. A pizza costs 250 bath, and one time Ive eaten for 600 bath after walking for hours in Bangkok’s Chinatown and not finding a vega restaurant. Alcohol is expensive, 60 bath for a beer, 120 bath for a glass of wine. (Thats why the average is higher than 100. Not that I drank that much :-))

Second rule: keep track of your expenses. Set a day limit (for me 500 bth excl. hotel) and don’t spend more than that… on average. You can, but the next day you _have_ to spend less. And don’t forget, a lot of small amounts is a big amount.

See everything as a percentage of this limit helps also to keep the discipline. So a beer of 60 bat is 12% of the budget of the day. You see that I have spent two bath too much a day. Three euro for all the period, not bad for a big spender like me 🙂

Last rule: dont get obsessed with the rules. Enjoy!!

How much did you spend? Do you have other packing tips?

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YepYoga’s guide to Ubud

It’s because of Rosalina, one of my yoga teachers in Paris that I’m here in Bali now. I had never heard of Ubud but she told that enthusiast about it that I googled it and thought: I have to go there one day. And here I am 🙂

Of course I checked out all the flyers and posters in the city for yoga schools. Also my friends Chloe and Amy gave me a lot of names of restaurants. I will check them all 🙂

This list is an ongoing work and will be finalized when I’m gone. So come back regularly in the following weeks. Don’t hesitate to give me even more tips and info!!

  • Yoga schools
    • Yoga Barn – They have the most classes in the week (12+ a day!) and unfortunately also the biggest numbers of students per class. I’ve read about 50-60 persons in some classes. The teachers seem to be good as I have heard. I have walked around there for fifteen minutes; lot of beauty but it lacked warmth and friendliness – not one staff member greeted me or gave a little smile. (2,1 km)
    • Intuitive Flow – see my review here Six classes a day (1,6 km)
    • Radiantly alive– school most close to the center. Six classes a day (750 m). Afternoon classes seem to be less busy
    • Ubud Yoga House – expect a beautiful walk in the rice fields to get there (1,2 km)
    • Ubud Yoga Center – Maybe the most beautiful building. 5 classes a day, of which Bikram (as it is not hot enough here at Bali 🙂 3,5 km from Ubud Palace
    • Taksu yoga – in a calm location, but in the center.  Small classes. 3 à 4 classes a day (700 m)
    • The Seeds of life – Ashtanga yoga with Ian Grysak. Mon. until friday (7-10am) Mysore style, Saturday led class (7-9am)
    • Ashtanga Yoga Bali Research Centre Mysore style class, Sunday through Friday , 8-10 am, only welcome to join if you have already at least 3 weeks daily self-led practice. (No classes on Saturday or moon days).
    • Under the Banyan tree – New yogaschool in Penestanen, follows Sama Yoga from Sweden consisting of “Hatha Yoga, Kriyas, Qi gong and heart opening mantras”
    • Astudiom – aerial yoga,  vinyasa flow and yinyoga
    • Casa Luna / Honeymoon – Guesthouse who offers one or two classes (gentle vinyasa flow or yin yoga) a day
    • Swasti eco cottages – 2 classes per day
    • Body Works – apparently the yoga is given on another location (Omam hotel???) and very good. More information follows when I have found it.
    • Ashtangazone – Kirsten Berg and Mitchell Gold stay some months a year in Bali to teach self led classes
    • Mudyoga at Desa Visesa – daily 4-6pm, 155k

  • YTT – very expensive here at Bali
  • Meditation and (silent) retreats
  • Yoga mats, -props and books – don’t worry, there are a lot of shops, especially in Hanoman road. And now I know where my Thailand friends got their clothes from :). Every (big) yoga school has also an in-house shop.
  • English Bookhops – surprisingly the bookshops don’t have a lot of yoga and spiritual based books,
    • Ganesha – a lot of second hand books, also in German, French and Dutch
    • Periplus bookshop – new books, packed in plastic so impossible to view them. 2 different stores in Ubud
  • My favorite places (in rough order of pfeference) and other places where the yogi’s go (apparently)
    • Clear café
    • The seeds of life
    • Atman Kafe
    • Soma – in the evening people gather to sing kirtans and make music
    • Mudra
    • Kafé
    • The café on the site of Yogabarn
    • The café near Radiently Alive
    • Yellow Flower, near Intuitive Flow
    • Alchemy (I was there once, but it was calm and lacked a good vibe)
    • Sage
    • 9 Angels and Warung 9, community and donation based vegetarian buffet restaurants
  • To eat (work in progress)
  • To drink  (work in progress)
    • Laughing Buddha – with very good live music!
    • Bamboo bar – Reggae
    • LOL bar – Reggae
    • CP Lounge – for party after 11pm. Not very yogic, but it’s all about balance 🙂
  • Specialty coffee

Ubud center.

Penestanan and the ricefields
Restaurants in Ubud. Click for bigger. See the last version here, choose restaurants and zoom in on Ubud

Thanks to Chloe and Amy!


In March will be the Bali Spirit Festival with a lot of yoga, dance, and music

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Yoga in Pai

After a minivan ride of three hours with a lot of curves (but a good driver) I’m in Pai now. It was said that it was a spiritual place, but I only see tourists and backpackers of the beerpong type. Nothing wrong with them, but I expected a bit otherwise and I’m slightly disappointed after having such a good time in Chiang Mai. apparently Pai and her surroundings is very beautiful but you really need a scooter or motorbike. I never drove one and my driving license is not valid to do so, thus I’m not insuranced for liability. 99% of the people don’t care but what I won’t do at home, I wouldn’t do in another country. Maybe I should take my licence, but that will be a challenge seen the fact that I’m nowhere registered. Back to the yoga part!

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YepYoga’s guide to Chiang Mai : Yoga, vega and more

I’m now one and a half week more than a month in Chiang Mai, Thailand being the happy yogi. And I love it, don’t want to go away. It’s small but so much to discover. The people are always smiling and friendly. I got hooked when I found out that every day, especially from around 4pm, the Nuong/Suan Buak Haad Park in the southwest corner of the old city is filled with people doing yoga, partner- and acroyoga, slacklining and juggling. In some periodes of the year there may be less people (rainseason, smog/smoke etc – see below) but now (december/january) there are plenty! These people there are very chill and open. If you want to “play”, just ask somebody. A total difference with the beerpong backpackers on the Khao San road in Bangkok 🙂

Attention: from february until march (included) there is a lot of smog because waste is burnt. So avoid Chiang Mai in these months (link / Google)

Here are some useful links for the yogi’s and yogini’s

  • Yogaschools

    Drop-in classes are around 250 bath (ca. 7 €/$).

    • Yoga tree – A lot of different classes per day. Also classes specific for beginners. Has a cafe in a garden.
    • Namo Yoga. Class was okay, but the mats are very, very old. So take your own! Various classes per day (Gentle, hatha and ashtanga), 220-250 bath
    • Wild Rose yoga – mostly ashtanga/vinyasa flow based. A lot of people love it there, but I’ve heard also the term ‘too much ego’ once.  Also workshops etc.
    • Freedom Yoga – two or three classes per day, various styles. Has also a cafe. Outside the Old Town, East of the Tha Phae gate
    • Yoga Kuukan – Mostly two classes a day, mostly gently or alignment based. Also interesting workshops
    • Blue garden – two daily classes
    • Bodhi tree cafe 2 – Guesthouse/restaurant who offers daily yogaclasses at 9am and 18h with guest teachers (so different styles and quality)
    • Mahasiddha Yoga / Tantra Yoga Thailand The most esoteric based of the schools (tantra yoga). Offers also workshops and retreats.
    • Yoga Ananda – two a three classes per day, in Nimmanhaemin area
    • Satva Yoga – two a three classes per day (of which Iyengar yoga with -as somebody told me- a good teacher), in Nimmanhaemin area
    • Kundalini workshops of five hours, once a week
  • Facebook groups
  • Meditation
    • Green Papaya Sangha – Every thursday evening 7.30pm at the Yoga Tree
    • MCU Buddhist university  – retreats” from one or two days – see my review
    • Doi Suthep Vipassana – programs from 3 to 21 days
    • Wat Srisuphan – every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 5,30pm to 9pm
    • Wat Ram Poeng – Vipassana
    • Pa Pae – three day (extendable) retreat between Chiang Mai and Pai
      • Monkchat – talk with the monks and ask them everything! You information, they free English lessons
        • Wat Suan Dok / MCU Buddhist University – Monday until Friday (incl.)  From 05.00 p.m. – 07.00 p.m.
        • Wat Chedi Luang – all days except sunday 12.00-18.30
        • Doi Suthep – Daily 1-3pm.
        • Wat Umong: Available Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 5:30pm-7:30pm.
  • Retreats / resorts
  • Yogamats and -props
    • Unfortunately there is not yet a yogashop in Chiang Mai. A big miss. Also on the market I didnt see any mats. But after a tip on Reddit of Sobri909, I found some good mats in the big Super Sports shop in Central Festival. This is their selection, from cheap to the equivalent of the Manduka Pro. Finally I’ve adviced for the hotel where I stayed to buy one of the ‘X Pro‘ of Jason brand, unknown but seems to be good (don’t know about the durability though since we’ve bought the mat only two days ago).
      • Decathlon, near the airport- quality is not very high
      • Sports World at the ‘Kad Suan Kaew’-mall next to  the North East of Old Town  – low to moderate quality
      • YogaAum, distributor of Manduka (and other brands) in Thailand. With a webshop
  • Yoga Teacher Trainings
  • Vegetarian restaurants It is not difficult to eat vegetarian in Thailand.  Here is a page with essential vocubalary. My favorite restaurants, in rough order of preference
    Pad Thai of Reform Kafe
    • Reform Kafe / (FB) – very good food and friendly service, part of the wonderful Green Tiger House, my home in Chiang Mai.
    • Peppermaint (with ‘ai‘!) – a place where I’ve almost always met someone I know or get to know.
    • Morning Glory near the South Gate
    • Tien Sing – near the south gate, plate of rice and sidedishs for only 30-35 bath!
    • Karma Kitchen – nice burgers
    • Blue diamond – good restaurant, not only vega(n), but has a bakery with a lot of (sweet) vegan products
    • By Hand cafe – Pizza’s, almost like in Italy. Good choice of vega(n) pizza’s
    • Taste from Heaven – nice restaurant. Has also a sister, Vegan in heaven
    • Punpun– at the Wat Suan Dok
    • AUM – has good reviews, I have been two times, at the first time I was not that impressed, the second time was nice
    • Amrita Garden. Very good, very popular but expensive (probably because the food is organic)
    • May Kaidee. Part of a chain. Very delicious, but very small portions.

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Yoga in Rome

IMG_6360One month ago I moved to Rome, Italy to work at an Infpoint of a Camping and I’m doing yoga whenever possibile with my workschedule at Ryoga. They have three locations, one near metro Republica or Termini and one in the heart of Trastevere. The new one is in Prati. In fact it’s the one of the few places in Rome where they have a lot of different classes (from Ashtanga to Yin with Hot Yoga, Hatha, Meditation, Restorative, and Vinyasa in between) AND walk-in possibilities. (€20 euro for a lesson, but they have a lot of packages to make it a bit more affordable). They use the MindBodyOnline software and application so it’s easy to inscribe yourself to a class.

Ryoga has also a good balance between spiritual and sportive (in the studios in Rome often this balancing is missing whether to one side whether to the other one), nice interiour, changing rooms and showers, Manduka Pro mats (I’ll definitely buy one in the future!) and last but certainly not least great teachers 🙂 I think I will spend a lot of time here these 5 months to prepare for my teacher training in November !


To see the adresses of these and other studios in Rome, click on the map or here (partly thanks to the May 2016 issue of Romeing)

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