YepYoga’s guide to Sri Lanka

I’m now in Hikkadawu, Sri Lanka. The island is more surf orientated than yoga orientated. There are some beautiful places thought to practice. As always I made a list of the yoga on the island! Still under construction   Hikkaduwa Cafe Bodhi – twice a day (9:30 and 16:15) yoga …

Acroyoga warm up

Today I made a little sequence to warm up before doing acro yoga. It starts with a bit of stretching and basic yoga poses, then the heartbeat goes up with some classic and ashtanga sun salutations and at the end we prepare the core to fly or base!

International Yoga Day 2018

Next week, 21st of June it’s the international Yoga day. Everywhere on the world, people will do the same sequence consisting of a warming up, asana’s and pranayama. In Rome it will be held at 18:30 at Campidoglio. They will do the following sequence You can download here the sheet …

I believe I can fly

During my holiday in Chiang Mai and Koh Phangan this year I started practicing acroyoga. Don’t ask me whether it’s yoga (spoiler: it’s not) but nevertheless you learn a lot about your self. Last year I was too afraid to do it, even in front bird (see photo above) I …

YepYoga TV is born

A new television channel maybe. Maybe in the future, for this moment it’s a YouTube channel with playlists with interesting yoga videos with sequences, demos, anatomy etc. Take a subscription because in the future there will also be own content! Easy to reach by

Pimp my Yogamat

I have bought my mat at the Bikram Yoga school in Arnhem for only 20 euro. I love it, it’s durable, comfortable and the anti grip is very good.  I have tried a lot of other mats in my yoga career, but mine is simply the best, especially seen the …

10 in 10 out

Relaxing techniques don’t have to be difficult! At my work I use the “10 in, 10 out” technique to get people more relaxed. In fact I ‘stole’ it from Kino MacGregor who uses this in the beginning of her meditations. I made a little video with 5 breaths per minute.