Traveling, packing and spending money – what did I learn

I already talked about my lessons in the spirit,mind and heart while traveling. What did I learn about logistics and financial? Not really yoga related but still might be interesting for other and future yoga nomads


Packing too much: I’ve seen someone with one backpack of 25 l. She had met someone without luggage, with litterly only his passport in his pocket. Wow. If you want to know how, the Google search is no bag travelI couldn’t do that, my backpack (65 + 10) was 18 kg when flying to Ubud.

No, you dont need to take three tubes of Sensodyne toothpaste with you. You only need one in three months and they sell it in the Seven Eleven for even a cheaper price. You don’t need to take two extra in-case-of phones (+chargers, +cables) with you. Extra wallet. Hipwallet. Didn’t use it. Ducktape, tierips and other McGyver stuff… didn’t need it and everything can be bought. (Happy though with a rope and clips to hang my clothes on)

In a lot of countries in Asia it is not done to wear sleeveless shirts/tank tops. So they are mostly unused. Instead take white shirts of technical sportsmaterial (nylon, with little holes, like running shirts) with you (if you have a Decathlon around: buy them there for a couple of euros.)

Spending money

First rule: If I lunch cheap on a day, I can dinner more expensive. And vice versa. A cheap lunch was 35 bath for a plate of rice and vegetables. My average price was 80-100 bath for diner without alcohol. A pizza costs 250 bath, and one time Ive eaten for 600 bath after walking for hours in Bangkok’s Chinatown and not finding a vega restaurant. Alcohol is expensive, 60 bath for a beer, 120 bath for a glass of wine. (Thats why the average is higher than 100. Not that I drank that much :-))

Second rule: keep track of your expenses. Set a day limit (for me 500 bth excl. hotel) and don’t spend more than that… on average. You can, but the next day you _have_ to spend less. And don’t forget, a lot of small amounts is a big amount.

See everything as a percentage of this limit helps also to keep the discipline. So a beer of 60 bat is 12% of the budget of the day. You see that I have spent two bath too much a day. Three euro for all the period, not bad for a big spender like me 🙂

Last rule: dont get obsessed with the rules. Enjoy!!

How much did you spend? Do you have other packing tips?

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Becoming a Yoga nomad

When they ask me about my perfect future it would be something like this: summers in Italy, winters all around the world being a yoga- and digital nomad and in between a month in the Netherlands. Making websites combined with teaching yoga and doing other things that make the difference and life more worthful for me, others and the world. Shouldn’t be totally impossible, isn’t it? I believe there will always be opportunities when the time is right!

I talked about it with some friends and I offered them to make a list with useful websites. Just in case that we don’t open our own yogaschool annex bed- and breakfast on a sunny island in Indonesia. So here it is 🙂

All the websites state that it’s good to work on your personal branding. So find a name and start a weblog and Facebook page. That’s why I made this site as soon as I knew a bit about my plans and dreams so I have a bit of content to show once the time is right. Do you also need a site? I know somebody who is very handy in that… hint hint hint… 

I also made a page with some tips for your marketing

If you know more sites, let me know!


One of my dreams is to be a nomad, being able to work independent from time and place. Before I thought I have to do it with something like programming or website design, but know I’m into yoga who knows what is written in the stars. This is also a reason that I put my YTT at the start of my travel in South East Asia instead of at the end. You never knows which opportunities that creates 🙂

Anne and Brandon from are living that dream. Their site gives a lot of pratical tips, inspiration and interviews to let you dream too. But hey, dreams are born to come true, aren’t they?