Being spiritual is always a bit vague and woolly. I kept myself far away from this, but my yoga path awakens also this part of me. This week I’ve read the book The Power of Modern Spirituality and it explained a lot for me.

In this book spirituality is divided in three parts and I resonate a lot with it. The three parts are Connection, Reflection and Service.


It’s about feeling connected to the others in the world. Feeling connected to a Higher power, force or source. I started to realize that every life has a purpose, a cause and an energy. Mine, yours, the people around us. Also the animals, the trees… every blade of grass is a miracle of Life.

And we are all part of it. We share the molecules, atoms and smaller particles with everything around us. Everything comes from the big bang, everything is made of the same star dust.

Also the connection to the Self, and the search of meaning of life. The feeling starts coming that the awareness of a higher force gives a mental rest for me. Things are as they are. We just have to surrender to the feeling of connection.


It’s about thinking about the connection to your Self, reflecting about yourself and your life. who are you, what do you want and what are your values. But also how do you behave.

Self study (svadhyaya) like it is written in the Sutras, one of the ‘bibles’ of Yoga. Also self-love is a part of this. As they self, the relation with yourself defines every relation you have with other people


This has been a great part of my life. It started with my parents having two children adopted and taking care of several dozens of foster children. When I was older they had a local pub serving the community of our little town. Also I worked a lot in the hospitality business (see my love for it at my weblog But I also did quit a lot of voluntary work and always want to try to make a difference in the life of others. Nowadays I try to make yoga accessible. I’m still looking for a form, but I’m sure I will find my way. I know there is a higher goal, I felt it when I left my fixed job two years ago, written in this blogpost.

To serve is taking care for others. Doing random acts of kindness. Making the world a little bit more beautiful. Also this makes part of a meaning of live

Connect. Reflect. Serve

These three words say exactly what spirituality is for me at this moment and I think it’s also what yoga is about.

Photo by kazuend on Unsplash

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