During my holiday in Chiang Mai and Koh Phangan this year I started practicing acroyoga. Don’t ask me whether it’s yoga (spoiler: it’s not) but nevertheless you learn a lot about your self. Last year I was too afraid to do it, even in front bird (see photo above) I was already scared.

During a workshop in Italy I already felt more confident, so I was ready to learn more when I was in Thailand with the best people in the acroworld.

This year I’ve learnt so much thanks to my acroguru Daniel from Canada. I learnt to trust myself and the other, connecting my movements with the breath (a link with yoga) to lower the fear, communicating better (if you don’t talk and discuss clearly about what you’ll do or want, you literally fall on the ground. The concrete is though) and defining your boundaries. Also it made me realize that I should work harder and have more perseverance when I want to learn something and not do it only 10 minutes a day.

And after a lot of patience from Daniel and practicing with him and other wonderful people, I did my first washing machine of my life 🙂

Photo: Peter Holzbar

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