Just started teaching

I just finished my second real day als yoga teacher training student at Samyak Yoga in India. Totally no regrets, the other students are great, there is a very good vibe in the group and everybody has his own stories and strenghts. It would be a very nice tv-format to follow a group of wanna be yoga teachers and tell the story of everybody.

The teachers are very good, they are very skilled, knowledged and always happy to answer questions. And the big advantage of this school is that you start teaching already at the second day. How cool is that. We started today with the first poses of the sun salutation. Some people are a little bit nervous but thanks to the opportunities I had this summer with friends and guests at the campsite it wasn’t something scary for me.

The course takes around 200 hours. How does  the days look like?

  • 6.00 – I wake up. Early early early
  • 6.00 – first class, mantra chanting (we sing this one) and affter that a yogasequence of around 90 minutes
  • 8:30 – breakfast. Fresh fruit, cereals, toast etc.
  • 10.00 – lecture about yoga philosophy
  • 11:30 – explanation about yoga poses and more  important how to teach them
  • 12:30 – we teach the poses we just learnt. At said, at this school you already start teaching from the second day!
  • 13:30 – lunch, self study and rest
  • 16:30 – evening practice.  We do a sequence but there’s more time for questions and explanation
  • 18:30 – we learn about breathing excersies (“pranayama”) and meditation
  • 19:30 – dinner, self study and bedtime

They are long days but until now it looks very balanced and doable for me. Let’s see if I still think that at the end of the week 😉

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