I am now some days in Sri Tanu, on the west coast of the island Koh Phangan (KP). There is a lot of yoga going on here. The island is famous because it’s full moon party (count 8 to 30.000 people partying on the beach), but it has a lot more to offer. KP can be divided by 5 parts. This article concentrates it self on Sri Thanu, exactly where the man in lotus is sitting on the map.


A lot of centers have programs, teacher trainings etc. Drop in classes cost 300-350 bath. Some schools with teacher trainings also offer free classes (taught by future teachers) during certain periods

  • Sunny yoga vidya – probably the most suitable for drop in, various classes per day. Owned by a local.
  • Samma Karuna – a lot of different classes and training’ Has an library and shop on site.Also free activities of which in classes given by trainees at 12.30pm (only certain weeks)
  • Agamathe most tantric school. They have a progam (“level 1”) they would like you to folllow first. Daily drop-in Hatha Yoga classes are 8:30am and 16:00.
  • Orion healing center – healing orientated
  • Pyramid yoga – daily drop in classes at 9am
  • The sanctuary – retreat center in the south east (Haad Tien) with three yoga classes per day
  • Anahata yoga shala – some drop in classes per week, also free classes when there is a ytt going on
  • Ashtangasphere.com – ashtanga by yoganomads, only in certain months
  • Ashtanga with Mannu – daily Mysore classes
  • Blosseming Lotus in the South East(Haad Yen)
  • Gaia – yoga teacher training, no drop in classes
  • Wonderland – retreat-/detox center with three yoga classes per day (no drop in)
  • Ananda yoga & healing center
  • Jaran


All yoga places offer also meditation, sometimes even for free. Check the schedules. See also the Facebook groups below.


There are some lessons on the island, but it is dependent of the teachers available. Most of jams are at Zenbeach around sunset


Important to know is that prices double up (or even more) around full moon parties.

People stay mostly at bungalows, some even at the beach. Here you find a list with those at ST.

The only hostel is Yogi Hostels in the center. Dorm beds start at 250 bath, in a room with 20 beds. The hostel is clean and has good beds, but unfortunately a place to practice yoga is missing. But as the name says most of the guests are yogi’s, so it’s easy to connect and make new friends! They don’t have a website yet (but a Facebook page), the mailaddress is yogi***hostel2017@hotmail.com (remove the three asterix’s) CLOSED AT THE MOMENT

The only hostel near Zenbeach seems is Captan home

To eat/drink

  • The food is relatively expensive compared to Chiang Mai, but near the 7/11 are some food stalls where you can eat for 60 baht.
  • Cookie coffee has a very nice espresso and delicious pastries
  • Western and vegan
    • Karma Kafe
    • Eat.co
    • Vegan heaven
    • Orion healing has a nice restaurant.
    • Also Samma Karuna has a nice restaurant where a lot of raw vegan food is served
  • Local restaurants
    • Nong elle restaurant
    • Mama poo
    • Sri Tanu kitchen
    • The food stalls nearby the Seven-Eleven. The middle one seems to be the best
  • The ultimate Koh Phagnan cafe guide
  • top 20 places to eat vegan at Koh Phagnan


How to get there

  • Cheapest : Fly from Bangkok to Surat Thani – bus -ferry (40 dollar – 5 hours).
    • The bus and ferry is one ticket and costs 700 bath, and takes 4 hours.
    • The scooter taxi to Sri Thanu costed me 200 bath, but I payed too much apparently.
    • From end of February ’18 there are no direct flights anymore from/to other countries from Surat Thani
    • Nokair and Airasia sell fly’n’ferry tickets
  • Fastest :Fly from Bangkok to Koh Samui – taxi -ferry (ca. 300 baht for the taxi/ferry)
  • Longest :
    • bus from Bangkok to Surat Thani + ferry. Ca 650 baht. There is also an overnight service (government bus) that puts the bus on the ferry (so no changing hassle) for 1000 baht
    • Train from Bangkok + ferry


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