One week left in Chiang Mai ! A pretty sad realization, but I’m also ready for the next step, a month in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. It’s a good moment to reflect on what I discovered the last two months. (by the way, the inspiration to write this down – at 2h00 in the night – came after seen this video)

As you might know the plan was to travel around in Thailand. I started with five days of Bangkok and the plan was to visit four or five days in Chiang Mai. But at the third or fourth day I visited the park with people doing (acro)yoga, slack lining and juggling. I got hooked and will stay around seven weeks (with a break of four days in Pai).  Maybe I’m less a traveler (and less die-hard regarding (lack of) luxury and comfort) than I thought I was, but that was certainly not the most important lesson.

The first important lesson is the realization that for me traveling is all about the people you meet instead of ticking of the boxes of the travel guide bingo. I’ve met such cool, nice, friendly and inspirational people who I connected with on several ways. Thank you all for being part of this journey! This was also the reason why I stayed so long here, because I was afraid that this would not be the case elsewhere.

The second lesson is in line with the first item. The awareness that the law of attraction exist. It is for me a combination of the expressions “What you think you become” and “Birds of a feather flock together”. Everywhere where I came were yogi’s. Of course there are more people doing yoga here then in …. (fill in a random place) and there is a matter of selective perception, but I met so much yogi’s and yogini’s and other people with the same interests and lifestyle as me.

(I realize now that I contradict myself – even when I would have gone elsewhere (for instance at Surat Thani at the island Koh Phangan, another place in Thailand with a lot of yoga etc.), I’d meet (read: attract) other cool people, but another important factor not to go there was the never-ending rain in the south of Thailand)

Third lesson: There is a huge factor of serendipity, luck or coincidence and maybe even universal forces in life but in the end you have to take the chances yourself. For example the class that I taught at Christmas day. First it was not foreseen that I stayed a day longer in Pai but the hostel in Chiang Mai was full. First I decided to do yoga near the river where there should be an ashtanga class, but there was nobody, so I went to the Circus hostel where there should be yoga. But when I arrived I heard that the teacher was off that day. Two people saw my yoga mat and asked more or less as a joke:”Can’t you teach for us?” After all these moments of coincidence it was finally _myself_ who decided to take the chance, do it and end up teaching a class for fourteen people like I’ve always done it (thanks again Samyak Yoga and fellow students).

Last but certainly not least the fourth lesson and awareness is that I’m worth, liked and loved more than I have ever thought or believed myself. The start of a new journey…

What did you learn on your travels?

(headerphoto credit: Victoria Amaral)


  1. Sounds like you’ve made it to the point where you know and appreciate yourself, you’re living the yogic path of self study and can see the results in your interactions with others.

    Love yourself first then you’re ready to love those around you ….

  2. Gefeliciteerd, daar draait het om in het leven: het gevoel gewaardeerd en geliefd te worden. De een doet daar langer over dan de ander. Gefeliciteerd dat jij dat nu mag beleven. Ik heb er langer over gedaan.
    Complimenten voor je moed en doorzettingsvermogen om daar te komen

    Harriet Thijssen
  3. I like your reflecting thoughts, especially lesson 1 is so true, it’s all about the PEOPLE. Since I have been to the park here in Chiang Mai, I totally understand the magic of this place that makes you stay and enjoy.

  4. All so true, I also stayed much longer in Chiang Mai than expected and would almost go back if I wouldn’t really want to see some other countries as well!
    But it’s so about the people not the places, I totally agree. I even almost haven’t found time for my own blog haha anyway, I hope I will be able to finally write the piece about yoga in Chiang Mai while hanging out on the showboat to Luang Prabang 😉

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