My yoga story


I started late with yoga. Too late. The DVD of Yoga for Dummies has been an endless time on the shelve. Sometimes I watched Youtube videos of Tara Stiles and I even did a yogaclass some years ago on a campsite with Chiara, a lovely but I think not really trained teacher. I’ve the idea that after four adjustments she gave up. All my life I have dealt with stress issues; I wish that I started earlier, but everything in life needs its process.

The change

I was restless after spending and working a summer in Rome, Italy. Suddenly I heard a little voice:”And *now* you’re going to the yogastudio which you pass often”. So I started in november 2014 ago with Bikram Yoga in Arnhem, the Netherlands to come back on earth. After the first time it was like I was on a high. Maybe one of the best moments of my life. I knew that my life had changed.

In january 2015 I moved (back) to France and continued yoga with the wonderful teachers of Affordable Yoga in Paris to keep destressed.

It helped me a lot. Besides physically so much more flexibile and strong, I’ve stopped eating meat and for the first time in my life the words “stress resistence” are missing in my workevaluation. My concentration improved, I remember that I had to count money in batches of 20 coins. Now I can count endlessly 🙂 On all areas there is more that I can let go and accept., I’ve learnt so much on my mat!

Another new life

After being inspired by a lady who started a new life in Nepal, I’ve quit my job again and in april 2016 I went back to wonderful Rome working at a campsite and doing yoga at Ryoga. In November I followed a 200 hours yoga teacher training in Mysore, India at Samyak yoga. I felt deeply the desire to learn more and deepening my practice. Also I had the wish to make yoga more accessible to the people.

After that I travelled in Thailand (eh… I stayed almost 2 months in Chiang Mai) and Bali, Indonesia where I practiced a lot of yoga and got some opportunities to teach.

During and after my YTT I became aware of things like the universal energy and consciousnesss and the law of attraction. Things that I also use in my life when I’m not on the mat. My YepYoga quotes collection is a nice representation of how I see life.

The dream

The ultimate dream is combining work in tourism with being a yoga- and digital nomad. The masterplan and desire is to make the difference in the life of others and maybe the world. May be something with kids or leisure (campings, animation, hotels). Or both of course.