How to make a yoga sequence (I)

This is one of the most interesting questions when bevoming a yoga teacher. How to make a sequence. There are several ways. Working with waves and peak poses, concentration on a body part or following the energy fields in the body, the so called chakras. This is the way I’ve …

Towards hero pose

Normally I cannot bring my buttocks to my heels. My quads (especially the vastus lateralis) are too short and my knee is too stiff. The most classical way is to put a rolled towel in the back of the knees or a block under the buttocks. Gradually in time you …

YepYoga TV is born

A new television channel maybe. Maybe in the future, for this moment it’s a youtube channel with playlists with interesting yoga videos with sequences, demos, anatomy etc. Take a subscription because in the future there will also be own content! Easy to reach by

A fabulous way to start a new day

A new sequence to start your day. Seen the public (guests of a campsite) I have emphasized stretching with a small yoga influence. Relatively a lot of warm up and only beginnerposes. Around 30 minutes Fabulous Morning Stretching

Why I stopped eating meat

Until two years ago, I ate meat and fish. Bread with mortadella for breakfast and lunch and animal proteins for dinner like most of the people At a certain moments I doubted but still ate it because I didn’t know how to replace it. In my education a meal consisted of …

Pimp my Yogamat

I have bought my mat at the Bikram Yoga school in Arnhem for only 20 euro. I love it, it’s durable, comfortable and the anti grip is very good.  I have tried a lot of other mats in my yoga career, but mine is simply the best, especially seen the …

Songs which take me back to Asia

Last winter I have spent four months in Asia. Learning to teach yoga, practicing yoga and meeting a lot of new cool people. Music is always a way to get back…

10 in 10 out

Relaxing techniques don’t have to be difficult! At my work I use the “10 in, 10 out” technique to get people more relaxed. In fact I ‘stole’ it from Kino MacGregor who uses this in the beginning of her meditations. I made a little video with 5 breaths per minute.

YepYoga’s guide to Arnhem

How is it possible not to have a guide for the town where I have lived for many years? Here are the schools with various classes per day, interesting places and my favorite adresses !

Funny names sequence

Just made a sequence with poses having funny names. Can also be used as base for kids yoga when the intermediate and advanced poses are left out.