Fabulous people, fabulous yoga

Working at a campsite in Italy now and of course doing yoga. Who knows next year I’ll be the teacher 🙂 Find here the basis of the sequence, by Gillian Grant

Pub guru

Real wisdom can be found in the pub. Wise words spoken by the pub guru 🙂 1) The POWER is inside YOU 2) One step backward, two steps forward. Eventually, the number of steps forward will increase. Sometimes you need a setback to see how far you have gone ahead. …

Plaisir and envie

(VF ci-dessous – Merci à Google Translate) / (Nederlandse versie onderaan ) ‘Plaisir et envie’ are important words in the hotel where I worked until yesterday. ‘Plaisir’, having fun in what you do. ‘Envie’, going to your work with the desire to do so. My secret dream is to live …

Yoga for waiters

Since 4 months I’m doing yoga now and it helps me a lot to relax and to concentrate. Of course I’m glad to share you my favorite poses to do Backstage, while waiting for the barman to be ready, during breaks etc. Most are standing poses (since there is no …

So hum

Today I discovered during yogaclass the power of “So hum” (I am that). While standing in balancing poses, I concentrated on my breath while thinking “So” on the inhale and “hum” on the exhale, and balancing was suddenly much easier smile 🙂

Coming home

Home.. what is home? Your true home is in your spirit according to Kino. But everyday I come home literally after my work as waiter. And this sequence is what I often do when I come home after a busy night. See at Slideshare: Coming home yoga for Crazywaiters. Download PDF


One of my dreams is to be a nomad, being able to work independent from time and place. Before I thought I have to do it with something like programming or website design, but know I’m into yoga who knows what is written in the stars. This is also a reason that …