I have lived more than six years near Paris, so I couldn’t resist making a guide for Paris. In general the schools have been selected whether they have multiple styles and walk in classes. In Paris the walk in classes are pretty expensive, count on €20 but…

I practiced my yoga with Affordable Yoga and Fitness. I couldn’t wish better. The price is only €6 per lesson, the locations often don’t have a dressing room or shower, BUT the teachers are GREAT. In the summer the classes are outdoors in one of the parcs of Paris. For me it was also handy that I could reserve or cancel a class at the last moment (nothing is sure in life, but as waiter life is even more unsure) (now there’s a 10 hours notice to give space to late decision makers)

The numbers betweeen parentheses correspond to the arrondisement



  • Louise Cutler –  My regular practice in Paris was with Louise. Being a teacher myself now, there is a part of her teaching hidden in every single lesson I give. Every lesson was different with original sequences. Her cues were spot on and the fun factor (“and smile..!”) was always there. She also stimulated me to develop myself further. She has a Meetup group, her classes on various locations in the city of light are €8. (www.louisecutler.org)



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