After a bumpy bus tour I arrived at Pokhara. What a difference with Kathmandu and what a beautiful lake!


Not a lot of yoga studios with a schedule of different styles. Some hostels/guesthouses organize classes, mostly when they have a teacher as guest/volunteer (see below). Check out the flyers. (Info as is begin November 2017)

Yoga & treks


To stay

I stayed in Nepalaya Eco hostel, a wonderful hostel with a huge yoga vibes and daily classes (on donation base). It’s in Lakeside center. However the most retreat centers are in the North of the lake, so keep that in mind. I also heard good stories about Pushkar

To eat/drink

Also here: the more tourists,the more expensive. Main courses start at $1 for a chow men (noodles) at a non touristic place until $5 for a main course at OR2K.

  • Natural mystic – cafe at the lake. Owned by a French-Nepali couple. The menu is a combination of these kitchens. Relaxed atmosphere. MIGHT BE CLOSED 🙁
  • The Juicery cafe – juices and nice salades and other meals
  • OR2K – here they have the same menu as in Pokhara. Nice food but too expensive


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