Coming home

Home.. what is home? Your true home is in your spirit according to Kino. But everyday I come home literally after my work as waiter. And this sequence is what I often do when I come home after a busy night. See at Slideshare: Coming home yoga for Crazywaiters. Download PDF


One of my dreams is to be a nomad, being able to work independent from time and place. Before I thought I have to do it with something like programming or website design, but know I’m into yoga who knows what is written in the stars. This is also a reason that …


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I forgive, heal and release…

I forgive, heal and release everything that conciously or unconsiously could delay or block the complete evolution of my being.Mario Liani, cited by Elena Brower at Yogaglo


The moment when I understood the importance of breathing was when I read this quote of Rachel Roy in the Yoga Journal I had a really beautiful moment as a mom two or three days ago. I went to pick up my six­-year-­old at kindergarten, and I got to go inside …

One who sees that everything is equally coming from oneself, whether it is suffering or happiness, is considered the supreme yogi – Bhagavad Gita (6.32)