Last winter I have spent four months in Asia. Learning to teach yoga, practicing yoga and meeting a lot of new cool people. Music is always a way to get back…

Stillness in motion – Lulu & Mischka

Somebody sung this song in a restaurant and I immediately got hooked with the melody and liked the lyrics saying that we are all united with the universe, something of which I became more and more aware in that period.

I am One with the earth that keeps turning,
One with the stars that shine,
One with the waves that are ocean,
One with the light that I see in Your eyes
I am the waves, I am the ocean,
I am stillness in 

Here you can find the complete version, but secretly I like this version more

Follow the sun – Xavier Rudd

I heard this in my favorite coffeeshop in Ubud and got hooked by the bass line. (In fact that was the only I really heard in the rumour). I soundhounded it, looked up the song and I was in love. It also reminds me of the time in Changgu, doing yoga at the beach. That’s the only thing I’d do better next winter: spending more time near the sea (Ko Phagnan!)
Breathe, breathe in the air. Set your intentions. Dream with care. Tomorrow is a new day for everyone, Brand new moon, brand new sun. So follow, follow the sun, The direction of the bird, The direction of love

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