At the beginning of the session I like to do sun salutations to warm up. If I haven’t done twelve I’m really less flexible. Usually I do the hatha sun salutation like I learnt at my teacher training, but I also like the explosiveness of the ashtanga vinyasa variation. So I thought, why won’t I mix them to change from time to time. I know it’s not traditional, but please see it with a wink.

I called it the Sun Salutation Y. Y like YepYoga 🙂

  1. Start in mountain pose
  2. Place your palms together and before your chest
  3. Inhale. Move the hands up into the air
  4. Exhale. Move downward with a straight spine
  5. Inhale. Lift your back half way
  6. Exhale. Put your hands on the ground. Jump back and when possible lower immediately in chaturanga dandasana. This is the fun part. (Thus there is no plank pose, it took me two weeks of ashtanga lessons to understand why my breath didn’t match the teachers’.)
  7. Inhale. Move your chest up in upward facing dog.
  8. Exhale. Hips in the air for downward facing dog.
  9. Inhale. Place your right foot between your hands,bend your knee and move your hands up in high lunge. I do this to lengthen my psoas and quadriceps.
  10. Exhale. Bend forward in standing forward fold.
  11. Inhale. Hands high in the air.
  12. Exhale. Hands in namasté position

Repeat from step 3 until you’ve done the salutation 12 times. At the impair numbers you place the right foot forward in step 9, at the pair numbers the left foot.

P.S. They say that the sun salutations is partly inspired by British gymnastics. Who knows

Made with Tummee’s Yoga Sequence Builder. Images owned by Tummee, used with permission

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