(by Marat Zaripov) (Photo by Marat Zaripov)

Because I like social media and personal branding, I had to find a name for my online yoga-presence just I’ve did with CrazyWaiter.  Not an easy task because it had to be not too esoteric (no sankrit) and without any reference to existing persons (ReneYoga was too egocentric) or places etc. Then I suddenly found it. Why not using the prefix Yep, which I already use for my first site I’ve ever had with checklists YepCheck and the weblogs Yeplog (15 years old!) and YepFoto.

It’s short, catchy and international. I already started a group YepYoga Roma for my group of friends on the campsite where I work, but imagine YepYoga Bangkok, YepYoga Bali, YepYoga Amsterdam etc etc. (being a yoga- and digital nomad is a secret dream).

The group is closed (for the moment only for friends and colleagues, also because I’m not certified yet), but you’re very welcome to like YepYoga at Facebook !

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