The first week is over already. Time flies when having fun! Spending it with equal feeling souls going for one target. Taking all the knowledge into you to become a good yogi and yoga teacher. I got already then feeling that this won’t be the last training.

And today on our day off we went to Mysore, the town near our yoga school and visited the royal palace and some shops. Being in an Indian town is a special experience for someone who is used to rules and order.

Like there is no light without dark, there aren’t only ups without downs. When there is joy there are tears. At an intensive course like this almost everyone will break. Some once, others more times. Some soon, others later.

I don’t like massages so when it was my turn to be massaged I wasn’t very eager to undergo it and certain boxes opened. Still the day after I feel some sadness which for sure will be filled with light and joy soon..

It was a good lesson about the thin line of challenging yourself by going out of your comfort zone and staying between the lines you shouldn’t cross.

After all that’s why we’re here. Lessons, not alone about yoga but also about life itself. Namasté

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