The year is almost over. Every year Henk-Jan Winkeldermaat of Punkmedia asks people from his network for the most important moment of the year to publish with Christmas at #mijnmoment (#MyMoment). As said before it was an amazing year. I started in France, spend a summer in Italy, did a yoga teacher training (YTT) in India and now I’m in Thailand. So what would be #mijnmoment ?

The moment that I decided to leave the most magical place in Europe? Just by answering the question:”What would you advise somebody else in your situation?” Despite all the good things choosing for the uncertain, adventure and even more growth? The moment that I finally succeeded to lift my legs into headstand (without jumping of course) ? The moment that we looked at the full moon in India after having a reading of my birth horoscope?


The most beautiful sunset I’ve ever seen after an intense day of the practical and theoretical exam of my YTT? The moment on which I became aware that we are all one and united in and with the universal energy?


The moment that C. and me were allowed to see the Wat Chedi Luang temple in the nighttime, all alone without other tourists? All the good moments spent in the park of Chiang Mai with people on the same journey as me? The moment that I gave unexpected my first “real” class to 14 unknown people just because the teacher had her day of? (Just this morning but nevertheless a milestone in a yogi’s life)

So many beautiful moments and I can’t choose. Why should I? I’m so very grateful for all the beautiful moments and persons which I’ve met in 2016. Grazie, Thank you, Merci, Bedankt, Gracias, Danke, Dhanyavaad, Kop Khun Krup. Enjoy life. Enjoy 2017.

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  1. And thank you from us for being an essential ingredient in those special moments …. I haven’t shared all of them with you but I’m sure those that have shared those other moments feel the same as me


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