Today I gave a class to my friends who’ve spent a night out. So I designed (with a bit help of Google of course) a nice sequence with some twists, relaxing and activating poses and fine tuned it during the class.

I’m very grateful to these ladies -and the confidence they have in me- because actually they already teach me how to teach before I even started with my teacher training. What works, what works less, sequencing and timing. I’ve got to work on more telling instead of showing and knowing the real names of all the poses. Grazie mille !

The sequence is after the jump 🙂

  1. Childs pose
  2. Cat-cow
  3. Garland
  4. Revolved garland
  5. Sitting head to Knee (L/R)
  6. Wide angle seated forward bend
  7. Sitting straight butterfly
  8. Sitting forward butterfly
  9. Lying butterfly
  10. Lying spinal twist (L/R)
  11. Knee to chest (L/R)
  12. Upward dog
  13. Childs pose
  14. Downward dog
  15. Rocking / hanging forward bend
  16. Tree (L/R)
  17. Tadasana
  18. Slow sun salutations (4-6 x – ending in Downward Dog)
  19. Flying warriors  (Warrior II, Extended side angle elbow on knee, W. II, Reversed W., W II, Extended side angle hand on ankle, W. II, Reversed W.,Triangle ) (L/R, downward dog between sides)
  20. Fast sun salutations
  21. Energy ball-in-your-hand-exercise – a little Tai chi intermezzo which came into my mind
  22. Bridge
  23. Camel
  24. Childs pose
  25. Sitting twist
  26. Boat 5 x 5 breaths
  27. Knees to chest (compress every muscle)
  28. Savasana

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