It’s incredible how fast the time flies. It’s already one week ago that I’ve been given my certificate for the teacher training. After the ceremony me and one of my fellow students flew to Thailand. So no black hole for us. We’ve started in Bangkok and stayed there for 5 days. I’ve seen a lot of markets, the three most famous temples, ate a lot of nice things, been served and helped by a lot of kind people but I missed somehow the charm that Paris, Amsterdam of Rome has.

After that we went to Chiang Mai. Already in the taxi I felt that I like this city more. More charm, smaller and we were lucky to arrive at Sunday evening so there was the Weekend market (another one!).

Still we sing at least once a day ‘radhe radhe radhe govinda‘, reflect a lot on our training and think a lot of our fellow students. I’m very glad that I’m able to do so. At our arrival here we’ve decided to give each other some more space and have a separate day program and rooms. It seems that only now I really start to process the training and everything that happened and being said. My feelings swing from happy to sad, from “we are all one” to deep loneliness and everything in between. Quit funny for a pretty stable person as I am normally.

There is also process of introspection going on, also because the right things are said and the good questions are asked on the right moment. What are the patterns, thoughts and behaviors that prevent me from being who I am or who I want to be. Who I should be (according to who)? The more answers, the more questions. Maybe I should go into a real retreat. Who knows which answers will follow that…

But first some days in Chiang Mai. I succeed in slowing down my tempo and enjoying the dolce far niente. (Only four temples seen today, 296 to go). My travelfriend just sent the 50 best cafe’s here, so I have something to do the following days. I’ve just been warned not to drink too much coffee otherwise I’ll be speedy again soon 🙂

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  1. Funny you mention retreat – I’m thinking of doing one next year – there seems to be a need for it – on a new path and need time to reconfirm things – enjoy Chang mai and see where your path is leading my friend


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