After a minivan ride of three hours with a lot of curves (but a good driver) I’m in Pai now. It was said that it was a spiritual place, but I only see tourists and backpackers of the beerpong type. Nothing wrong with them, but I expected a bit otherwise and I’m slightly disappointed after having such a good time in Chiang Mai. Apparently Pai and her surroundings is very beautiful but you really need a scooter or motorbike. I never drove one and my driving license is not valid to do so, thus I don’t have an insurance for liability. 99% of the people don’t care but what I won’t do at home, I wouldn’t do in another country. Maybe I should take my licence, but that will be a challenge seen the fact that I’m nowhere registered. Back to the yoga part!

The number of walk-in yoga possibilities is disappointing. This is what I’ve found until now (situation in december 2016, won’t be updated, but if you have info, let me know )

  • Walking distance from center
    • Yoga ashtanga – every morning in front of the river (@Baan Pai River side) at 9am, 200 bath
    • Sawasdee Pai Resort – in the city center
      • mon & wednesday 9.00-10.30 basic dynamic yoga
      • tuesday & thursday 9.00-10.30 intermediate
      • every day (?) 5.30-6.45 pm Yoga therapy
    • Wisurat Muay Tai. Yoga in a thaibox school. 100 bath Every day 10am and 3pm
    • Circus School Hostel – (almost) daily yoga class at 9:30am, acroyoga, slacklining. 100 bath entree fee.
  • Outside the center, scooter needed
    • Yoga by Grace Yoga @ Laguna Pai Relax (scooter needed), every day (except Monday) at 10 am
    • Openmind center (scooter needed, 10 minutes from center) – Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10am – Tuesday, Thursday 5pm. Written on flyer, not mentioned on website
    • Sabai garden – morning classes, price on donation (to be confirmed.. and scooter needed)
    • DeeJai – …
  • For guest only / retreats

Cool places to eat/drink with nice people


  • Pa Pae – three day (extendable) retreat between Chiang Mai and Pai
  • Openmind center (scooter needed, 10 minutes from center) – various programs

Facebook groups

Where to stay

I stayed in a party hostel, but you might want to check out Common groundsGiant Guesthouse (often mentioned in acroyoga-jam announcements), Backpackers Paradise (fireshows in the evening (Thursday/Sunday), Sabai Garden, DeeJai, UP2U and PaiZen.

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