I have bought my mat at the Bikram Yoga school in Arnhem for only 20 euro. I love it, it’s durable, comfortable and the anti grip is very good.  I have tried a lot of other mats in my yoga career, but mine is simply the best, especially seen the low price. After googling a lot, I think it’s a Rishikesh Premium of Bodhi. I certainly recommend this one!

It can also be the AKO ying yang mat or the Acaya Studio premium

To make alignment a little bit more easy, I pimped it a bit with some dots


  1. Measure
    1. shoulder width. Easiest way is to lay down with one shoulder against the wall and put a block against the other shoulder. Measure the width
    2. hip width (see above)
    3. wrist to wrist when having your both arms in one horizontal line
  2. Mark the orientation points
    1. Mark the center
    2. Mark the middle on the long sides
    3. Mark the middle on the short sides
    4. Mark on the top site the points on shoulder width (base for hands in downward dog)
    5. Mark on the bottom site the points on hip width (base for feet in downward dog)
  3. Mark the points for the feet
    1. Mark on the (imaginary) long center line the wrist to wrist length (base for the triangle pose)
    2. Mark the other 4 dots, each 15 cm (6 inch) from the points of 3.1
  4. Mark the points for the wrist 40 cm from the top of the mat on shoulder width (base for crane or crow).
    Here you can put your wrists or middle finger while looking to the point in the center at the top of the mat.

Other mats I liked

At RYoga in Rome they use the Manduka Black Pro. This one is my second favorite. It’s very comfortable but it’s heavy and expensive. Another one I like is the Yogo Ultralight. Not cheap either, but ultralight, easy to fold and carry and it has a good grip. Of course the comfort is less with such a thin mat. The last mat I use is a mat of the unknown/private brand Q4Life from the Action, a shop in Holland. Not a really good quality but a medium grip and very light. And only 4 euro 🙂


The most famous mat with help for alignment are the Liform mats. Once I calculated the measurements. If you want to pimp it like a Liform mat, here are the measurements





Also the GuruGrid has dots on their mat. Click on the image for the specifications

Chi Yoga mat

Another mat is the Chi Yoga mat. I wrote about it here


    1. The left top cornerer is the starting point. The number before the comma is the horizontal distance from the left side in centimeters. The number after the comma is the distance from the top in centimeters.

  1. Thanks so much for the shout-out! It seems like we had the same idea – great minds think alike! 🙂

    If you are interested in a Gurugrid, send me an e-mail and I can give you a great deal.

    Have a great day!

    Heather 🙂

  2. Hi! thank you for this post, I found it very useful! I am now trying to customise a mat for a 185cm tall friend, but his wrist to wrist lenght is 140cm, so on a standard 180 cm mat I dont have space for the two 15cm spaced dots on the two sides, do you have any suggestions how to solve this problem? Thank you in advance!


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