At the magical island Koh Phangan I got to know the Leela game at Shakti Yoga centre with Nadiia. It is an ancient version of snakes and ladders. Every row corresponds with a chakra. The players move from the lower levels of consciousness to higher levels of spiritual enlightenment and finally to Cosmic consciousness. It is very metaphorical of life. You can be stuck for a long time in the lower chakra’s before you are able to reach the higher ones.

The game was designed over two thousand years ago. It is a game of life which provides insight into human consciousness and a key to divine knowledge. One or more are able to play Leela by using the game board and book, a die, and a significant item that belongs to the player like a ring or a stone.

A description of the cases and the rules can be found on this site

I made my own, version of the game with a minimalist design. You can download it here, it is made for A3-size. (but since it’s a vector based file, you should be able to reproduce it in any size). Don’t hesitate me to contact me with feedback, ideas or request for custom made boards!
Minimalistic Leela game in English

Minimalistic Leela game in Dutch

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